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Festive Season Offers

Don't let the drop in temperature compromise your style.



So choose to wear only what showcases your amazing personality and your unique signature style. Discover your unique personal style with      Su Misura Venzoni.

  • Select from a vast variety of finest fabrics.

  • Superior and unmatched craftsmanship of experienced master tailors.

  • 100% customizable.

  • Browse fabrics online.

  • Meet our stylist at your convenient place and time and save time.

  • Best competitive pricing with special offers for the season.

As we head towards the autumn we have some amazing offers for you to prepare yourself for the cold weather. Check the offers below:

bespoke suits.jpg

Offers for the season

​Offers on Suits:

  • 3 Bespoke Suits for the price of 2 OR

  • 2 Bespoke Suits at flat 20% OFF

  • 1 Bespoke Suit+1 Extra Trousers (Complimentary) OR

  • 1 Bespoke Suit at flat 10% OFF

Offers on Shirts:

  • Get 5 Shirts for the price of 4

  • Get 8 Shirts for the price of 6

  • Get 11 Shirts for the price of 8 

Offers on Overcoats:

  • Flat 20% OFF

Suits in exclusive fabrics also available at special offer price

  • Loro Piana Super 130's from €1100 (original price €1650)

  • Loro Piana Super 150's from €1300 (original price €1850)

  • Dormeuil Amadeus from €1100 (original price €1650)

  • Zegna 100% Australian from €1800 (original price €2400)

For more exclusive fabrics or scheduling a presentation click here.

Grab these offers while they last as you will not get these prices anywhere else. This is our best price challenge. Try it out!

Terms & Conditions: All Offers are subject to different Terms & Condition's (T&C's). No two offers can be combined. Mailing charges, duties & taxes will be added even for the complimentary clothing. No offers apply on the 'Essentials Collection'. Prices may differ slightly at the time of purchase as the prices are subject to the exchange rate prevailing on the day of purchase or on the payment date. Prices given above are based on maximum fabric requirement of 3.5 yards for Suits and a maximum fabric requirement of 2 yards for Shirts. If any customer has additional fabric requirements then the price will be recalculated accordingly. Orders once placed will be final and cannot be cancelled. Any returns or refunds are subject to the offer availed by the customer and will be dealt accordingly as per the case at the sole discretion of the company. Any modifications, changes or alterations will also be subject to the offer availed by the customer at the sole discretion of the company and will be communicated by the company representative. Regular expected delivery times are 6 to 8 weeks from the payment receipt date. The company has limited liability if the order delivery takes more than 8 weeks. In such a case the customer can check with the company representative. The above T&C's are applicable to the 'Essentials' Collection but are not limited to it. Additional T&C's may apply. Please confirm with the company representative about any additional TnC's or write to us at

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