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Beat the Winter Chills in Style

Don't let the drop in temperature compromise your style

Summer's gone and all your cottons and linens are back in the closet. Winter chills shall creep in soon and it can be a challenge to stay comfortably warm while looking amazingly sharp.  Don't let the drop in temperature compromise your style. There’s no reason at all to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. The key to surviving winter is knowing how to layer properly.

Find out how you can beat the winter chills in style.

Winter Fabrics

Just as the warm summers turn into chilling winters so does your wardrobe change from cottons and linens to a bit more warmer to keep you comfortable in freezing winters like Wools, Flannels, Tweeds, Cashmere etc.


Selecting the right fabrics could make a difference when you're forced to withstand freezing temperatures while still looking sharp. That doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Just like sunny weather gives you the flexibility of wearing brighter colours and patterns, you can apply the same creativity and style to your winter clothing.

We can all be guilty of sticking to dark colours during the winter months, but what better way to lighten your mood than with pattern or colour? Tap into timeless checks and subtle colours that’ll help you stand out from a crowd.


Invest in good Overcoat

A winter coat is an ideal addition to any outfit in the cold weathers.

Know your winter coat before you buy else you won't get the protection you need. Variety of fashionable winter coats are available nowadays but the key is merging style with comfort. Winter coats may come in a variety of fabric compositions, namely synthetic fabrics, polyester, wool, mixture of wool & synthetic, cashmere etc. Find out which one is better for you in  terms of the the weather you live in and your budget of course.

We recommend Investing in a good tailor made winter coat for obvious reasons. You choose the fabric and the style and it is tailormade to fit you so you get the best quality for the money you invest.

You may find it a bit expensive but you will thank yourself in the long run. 

Accessorize yourself

Last but not the least, accessorize. No need to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, so feel free to accessorize with earmuffs, gloves, hats, and anything else that makes those falling temperatures more tolerable. You can easily find a variety of accessories that compliment and complete your winter look in style.

And don't forget your scarves. A nice scarf can protect against the biting cold during each breath, and they can be incorporated in a number of ways to bring together a complete aesthetic.

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