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Perfect presentation of A Timeless Art in a Modern Twist.

Bespoke Tailoring is a Timeless Art practiced over the ages. It is the Attention to Detail that goes into Designing and Production of these Garments which makes this Art so Unique and Desirable.


Traditionally you need to visit a Tailor or vice-a-versa to select the fabrics, discuss the styling, record your measurements etc. but in this modern era of technology you don't need to wait to meet your tailor.


We have designed a perfect way for you to enjoy this timeless art with convenience of easy access through modern means of technology. 


We have uploaded some of our finest collection of fabrics for Suit, Shirts, Jackets etc. on our online store VERVE. You can browse through the vast collection of fabrics at your convenient time and place and select your favorites. Once you have made your choice of fabrics you then have the option of customizing your Garments and Recording your Measurements online.


However, if you wish that our Tailor visit you to discuss the Styling and Record your Measurements then simply select 'Schedule A Visit' option in the dropdown menu on the Product Page of the Garment you select. 


This way you have access to select your fabrics at your convenience and at the same time get personalized service from our Tailor thus presenting the Timeless Art in a Modern Twist. In fact you can even take advantage of Seasonal Offers and Coupons online.

For further inquiries or to Schedule A Visit send an email to 

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