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The Signature Collection

Mens Clothing Store

As the name suggests, The Signature Collection is our prized top of the line collection. Expect nothing but the best in terms of Products and Service.


Handpicked Collection of Luxury Fabrics from Exclusive Fashion Houses like Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Marzoni, Cerruti, Reid & Taylor and many more fabrics for Suits, Jackets, Overcoats etc.

Similarly a Handpicked Collection of fabrics for Luxury Shirting from well renowned brands such as Monti, Albini, and more. 

Apart from these Luxury fabrics, Top quality accessories like Buttons, Linings etc. are used in the production of our Signature Garments.


These Luxury fabrics combined with our Impeccable service makes the Signature Collection special.

  • Get measured by our Tailors at a convenient place and time.

  • Quicker and efficient service.

  • Priority in Production and Delivery. 

  • Gift Coupons to show our appreciation on every Purchase. 


Expect only the best with our Signature Collection. The finest selection of fabrics from the most exclusive renowned fashion houses along with years of Experienced Craftsmanship delivering an Impeccable Piece of Art of Bespoke Tailoring.

A Gentleman always dresses for the occasion and being a true Gentleman never goes out of fashion!


Browse through our Luxurious Signature Collection on Verve.

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