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  • Why is a Su Misura Venzoni Bespoke tailored suit better than an off the shelf suit?
    Suits are the best piece of clothing a Man could ever wear and with Su Misura Venzoni's bespoke tailoring services you can expect nothing but the best so why not do it right. A well Tailored Suit is to a Women what Lingere is to Men. We give you not one but five reasons why you should choose Su Misura Venzoni's Bespoke Tailored Suit over off the shelf one. Best Fit Always The fitting of a well made tailored suit is always better than an off the shelf suit at a branded store no matter how bigger the brand; simply because a tailored suit is made according to your measures right from the first cut. Su Misura Venzoni offers the finest bespoke tailored clothing, crafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. We are committed to providing our customers with the perfect fit, designed to fit their individual body shape. Our experienced and passionate tailors are dedicated to creating the perfect fit for each and every customer unlike off the shelf suits where you have to fit into the size which is readily available. Inspiring range of Fabrics The journey of our bespoke tailored suits begins with selecting the right fabric for you from an inspiring range of fabrics including some from renowned fashion houses across the globe. You can choose the fabric you like from various qualities, colours and patterns compared to the off the shelf ones where they offer limited options which are way too common. Design your own Suit Well here's your chance to show your creativity. With our bespoke services you can style and design your own Suit like selecting between different pocket styles or lapels maybe. 3 button, 2 button or a single button Suit jacket or 3, 4 or even 5 buttons on sleeves. One, two or no pleats on the pants or turn-up's at the cuffs of the trousers. Show your creative side and don't hesitate to consult our Style Consultant who will always be to assist if you require any advise or suggestions. Personalise your Suit Our Bespoke Tailored Suit always reflect your choices in every customization and minute details like the kind of buttons used or the colour of the lining inside. You even get a personalised name tag inside you Suit Jacket. Transparency in Price and Quality Bespoke Tailored Suits can be expensive at times but you know what quality you are getting for that price unlike off the shelf Suits. At Su Misura Venzoni we have Essentials Collection which has moderately priced fabrics without compromising the quality and craftsmanship of the suit. Even our Signature Collection which comprises of fabrics from renowned Fashion houses around the globe has very competitive pricing.
  • Where do you tailor the suits and shirts?
    All our suits and shirts are tailored in Hong Kong by skilled craftsmen who have years of experience in bespoke tailoring.
  • Do you tailor for Ladies too?
    Yes, Apart from our inspiring collection of fabrics for Men, we have a special collection of fabrics for suits and dresses for our Ladies clients who wish to dress sharp and make a mark in the corporate sector with their smart businesswear. We also understand the importance of fitting for our esteemed Ladies clients hence we have seperate set of skilled craftsman who specialise only in tailoring of Ladies garments. Prior appointments for Ladies clients would be highly appreciated.
  • Which countries/cities do you visit?
    Presently, we visit select cities in Europe and Scandinavia. The list of cities we visit and our travel schedule can be found our website. We constantly keep adding new cities to our travel schedule. If you are at a different location and would be interested in our services then you can send us an email at We will update you as and when we plan to visit your location.
  • How do I avail your services?
    You can avail our services by visiting the 'Meet Us' page or by sending an email to On the 'Meet Us' page you have two options: 1. Meet your E-Tailor E-Tailor is basically your online Style Consultant. You can now meet your Style Consultant or your E-Tailor via video conferencing through the app of your choice like Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype or any other app. We now have our inspiring fabric collection online for you to browse anytime you want. You can select the fabrics online, schedule a meeting with our E-Tailor and discuss the measurements and style and finally place the order online. 2. Book an appointment (Available at select locations) Our Style Consultants frequently visit major cities in Europe and Scandinavia. You can check online if we are visiting your location then you can book an appointment accordingly. Also if we have met before then you will receive an email prior to our Style Consultants visit at your location and you can schedule an appointment by simply replying to that email. Alternatively, we encourage you to use our new Meet your E-Tailor services and experience the zero contact service.
  • Where can I meet you in case I book an appointment for a meeting?
    You have the choice of visiting our Style Consultant at one of the premium hotels in your city from where we operate or in the comfort of your own office or home. You can let us know your choice of meeting location when you book an appointment through 'Meet Us' page form or while confirming the appointment through email.
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  • How do I place an order with you?
    The easiest and the quickest way to place an order is to browse through our fabulous fabric collection on our website, fill up some details and place your order online. You can take the help of E-Tailor by scheduling a video conference on your preferred app at a convenient time. If you are in one of the travel locations where we visit then you can place an order with our Style Consultant as well. You can fill up the 'Book an Appointment' form in the 'Meet Us' page and we will send you an email confirming the appointment at the earliest. You can send inquiries regarding our travel schedule to
  • Do you have a store I can visit?
    No, we do not have a physical store where you can walk-in and browse the fabrics. Either you can meet our Style Consultant traveling to your location or you can browse fabrics at our online store on our website.
  • How do you record my measurements if I order online?
    Following are the ways we can record your measurements if you order online: 1. If you are an existing customer then we have your measurements on record. You can select 'Schedule a Visit' in the dropdown menu and place an order online. If you want to make some changes to the measurements then kindly mention in the remarks area. One of our team members will get in touch with you to confirm the changes. 2. You can select 'Schedule a Visit' in the dropdown menu and place your order online. We will contact you and schedule an appointment for recording the measurements. 3. You can select the standard size and fit from the dropdown menu and place your order online. 4. You can fill up the Measurement Form online. We have uploaded a short video demonstration and a form to record body measures. You can take a printout of the form and either take help from some friend or relative to take your measurements watching the short video or take that form to a tailor shop close by and have yourself measured by the tailor there and fill up the form. You can then fill the form online once you have the measurements and place the order accordingly. 5. You can send us your best fitted Suit or Shirt by mail to our office in Hong Kong. We will copy the same measurements for your new order unless you suggest any changes in measurements. We will send your Suit or Shirt back to you along with your new order once it's ready. To select this option just browse through our website, select the fabrics for Suits or Shirts, choose the styling and customizations you want for your new order. Once you made your selections, you will get options to record your measurements. There you can select 'Mail a garment' and proceed to complete your order. Once you have made the payment and completed your order online, you will get our Hong Kong office shipping address on the end screen. You will also receive an email with our shipping address. Just send the sample Suit and Shirt by mail to that address. We will redeem your mailing charges upto €50 if your order exceeds €1000.
  • Can I see the fabrics before placing the order?
    Of course, all you have to do is browse and select the fabrics you like and then click the option of 'Order Sample' on that page. You can select and place order for a maximum of 5 fabrics samples at a time. We send generously cut sample fabrics of your selection to give you an idea of the colour and feel of the fabric. You just need to pay USD 25 to cover the shipping costs which is redeemable when you place the order.
  • What are the payment terms?
    For Online Orders: We accept all major credit cards i.e: Visa, Master, American Express. We also offer bank transfer details on request for online payment transfers. Orders are processed once the payment is received and the delivery timeline is effective from the payment received date. For Offline Orders: We accept all major credit cards i.e: Visa, Master, American Express. A few types of transactions may incur additional charges; If any will be conveyed to you before making the payment. We also offer bank transfer details on request for online payment transfers. Orders are processed once the payment is received and the delivery timeline is effective from the payment received date. New customers can pay 50% advance when placing an order and the balance after it has been dispatched from our office in Hong Kong.
  • What currencies do you accept?
    We accept payments in the following major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP & HKD. In addition to the above currencies we also accept payments in NOK, SEK, DKK, INR for bank transfers only. The rate of currency exchange applies for the day when the payment is made.
  • Who will pay for duties and taxes when the clothes are shipped?
    Su Misura Venzoni pays for duties and taxes for all countries except US.
  • What is the delivery time for my order?
    For Shirts and other accessories the delivery time would be 4-5 weeks. For Suits the delivery time would be between 6-8 weeks. If your order has both Suits and Shirts then they will be shipped together between 6-8 weeks. These delivery timelines are from the date the order is placed and or the payment is received. However, we will keep you updated by email as to when you can expect delivery of your order as and when your order progresses. For any queries regarding deliveries you can send an email to
  • How much does the Shipping costs and who pays for it?
    Online: Shipping is free for online orders over €299. For online orders below €299, a flat rate of €60 is charged. ​ Offline: Shipping is free for all orders.
  • How do I take care of my Suit?
    Here's how you can take care of your Suit and enjoy it to the maximum: Wear your suits in rotation. Rotating your Suits is ideal as you get a different look everyday and Suits can rest on the hanger and get back in shape. This even increases the lifespan of the Suit by showing lesser signs of wear. Do not dry-clean your suit more than 2 times a year. Dry cleaning is harsh on suits and it shortens its lifespan each time a suit is dry cleaned. Ideally dry clean your Suits and Jackets only when brushing, airing out and spot cleaning aren't removing the odors, dirt or stains any more. Use a steamer to remove wrinkles and stains before wearing. Dry irons may burn the fabric's fine fibers. Using a steamer opens up the fibers and removes any odours. Your Suit will always appear fresh and neatly pressed like this. Brushing is the easiest way to clean and extend the life of the natural fibers of the Suit's fabric. Make a small investment in a good horsehair brush if you don't already have one. Brush against the grain of the cloth using short and quick strokes. This removes the lint, keeps the moths away and protects the fibers. Use a wooden hanger preferably with broad shoulders and allow your suit to hang for a day or two after wearing it. This gives time to the Suit to recover and drape out most wrinkles between uses. Empty the pockets to avoid getting creases on your suit. Use of Cedar blocks or shavings. In simple words Cedar acts as a natural moth repellent. It absorbs any residual moisture and it leaves a pleasant scent on Suit. Cover your Suit. Last but important cover your Suit with a cloth cover. This allows the Suit fibers to breathe even when its stored.
  • How do I wash and care for my Dress Shirts?
    Here are some tips for wash and care of your dress shirts: Ensure the shirt is completely unbuttoned before you put them in the washing machine. Pre-treat any stains with fabric stain removers prior to using the washing machine (Try it on a small area first to check for color fastness). Cotton or Linen dress shirts can ideally be washed in cold or warm water. Avoid any hard chlorine-based detergents as It may turn change the fabric colors if not careful. Also use of fabric softeners can make it difficult to remove those stains so use with caution. Remove the shirts quickly from the machine once they are washed and hang them to air dry. We recommend to avoid using tumble dry. Iron the shirts when slightly damp.
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